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SL01 – Episode 10 – Fearfully Wonderfully Created

This episode’s imaginal prayer exercise will take portions of Psalm 139 as our visioning source to familiarize ourselves with and illuminate our imagining with the fact that we ourselves and all people are wonderfully and fearfully made.

This imaginal prayer exercise can easily be prayed in the first person for ourselves, helping us be grounded in being the Light we seek in the world.  It can also be prayed in the first person with the intention being for those whose actions lack Light, lack hope, lack joy to also come to know that spark of the Divine light within them and that they too may be that Light, so desperately needed in the cosmos.  May it help us and those we pray it for reflect the Divine Light of hope, love and peace into the cosmos.

Published 20181212

SL01 – Episode 9 – Remembrance

For this episode, I would like to focus our imaginal prayer exercise in this month of remembrance and being close to All Souls Day on remembering those who lost their lives to gun violence in mass shootings. Remembering, so as to never forget. Remembering so as to not be swayed by the rhetoric that promotes belief that gun violence and mass shootings are rare and infrequent and shedding light on the epidemic of gun violence in our lives. Remembering to honor those who died in mass shootings and had a name. Remembering in order to pray for those who are left to pick up the pieces when their loved ones were ripped out of their lives by gun violence. Remembering so that we might be inspired to be that spark of Light, of Life that can make a difference and help illuminate the presence of hatred, bigotry, prejudice in the cosmos and respond in Love and Light.

Published 20181109

SL01 – Episode 8 – Angels and Doppelgängers

For this episode, I would like to focus our imaginal prayer exercise on ourselves and our young who are in our life and how we might participate in the Anima Mundi — the soul of the world —safety net of protection, of hope, of love.  Rather than risk giving more life and credence to the reactionary destructive energies of our cosmic doppelgänger may our imaginal prayer exercise help us foster and nurture a closer relationship with our “angel out ahead”.  May it help us discover how to counteract the influences that encourage our young to live out of fear.  May the Divine Light of God inspire within our consciousness, our mind, our imagination how to brightly go about spreading divine hope, divine love, divine light and further empower the Anima Mundi protecting our world, our cosmos.

Published 20181026

SL01 – Episode 7 – Honoring and Remembering Henry Corbin

Honoring and Remembering Henry Corbin the mystic, scholar, theologian and philosopher.

Published 20181007

SL01 – Episode 6 – Imaginal Prayer and the Peace Prayer

Explaining imaginal prayer and praying the Peace Prayer of St. Francis imaginally.

Published 20180926

SL01 – Episode 5 – No Room for Hate

An imaginal prayer exercise spreading the no-room-for-hate consciousness in the cosmos.

Published 20180926

SL01 – Episode 4 – Cultivating Essentiality in the Cosmos

An imaginal prayer exercise helping defeat, in the words of the public theologian Ruby Sales, “the 21st Century capitalist technocracy where only a few lives matter” and help establish a theology/theologies raising people from disposability to essentiality.

Published 20180909

SL01 – Episode 3 – When the End Appears As The Solution

An imaginal prayer exercise for those who we’ve lost through suicide, for those they leave behind, for those who wrestle with the same conclusion. 

Published 20180820

SL01 – Episode 2 – Visioning Divine Light in Thailand and U.S. Border Towns and Detention Centers

Published 20180721

Spei Lumina Season 1 – Trailer 1

Published 20180704

SL01 – Episode 1 – Acknowledging and Enkindling the Divine Spark in All Occasions

Published 20180708

Spei Lumina Season 1 – Trailer 2

Published 20180709