Welcome to Angels of the Nativity Hermitage

Rev. Donald Knight, MDiv

Just as the angel proclaimed to the shepherds that fateful starry night the good news of Christ’s birth, Angels of the Nativity’s mission is to help all children of God know and experience the “news of great joy that is for ALL people” (Luke 2:8-11).

This blog began over five years ago with the intention of offering a  virtual hermitage, an online retreat from society and social media and a deeper dive into experiencing God’s Word and presence in our lives through the liturgy of the Church and celebrating the memories of all the saints, seekers, stargazers, pilgims — holy men and women — who courageously sought that Light that darkness could not overcome and in so doing helped further reflect the true Light into the world.

It is my hope that through further reflection on the liturgy we regularly celebrate in our faith communities and through reflecting on the holy lives of noted saints, seekers, stargazers and pilgrims, our prayer lives will be enriched and our souls inflamed with the love of God.

I hope you will take a moment to quiet down, pause, read and reflect, and pray with me as you glance through our Stargazers, Seekers, Pilgrims and Saints Blog and to check out our new podcast Spei Lumina – Lights of Hope where we actively practice imaginal prayer exercises helping to further shine the Light of Christ throughout the cosmos.

Together, may we become vessels of that Great Love that knows no bounds, that bright Light that darkness can never penetrate, that Good News of hope and salvation that conquers all despair.  May we be inspired to reflect that Presence to ALL God’s children.